9 Jul – Eiffel Tower

Rob Shaw| 09 Jul 2011| 0 comments | Uncategorized

[singlepic id=1705 w=405 h=600 ]

9 Jul – Yep, another shot of the Eiffel Tower.  I love the 14-24mm lens!  Not much to report on this shot… this is straight out of Photomatix, with a high pass filter applied to the tower itself in PS5.  Just know that I have umpteen-million other perspectives of the same tower that may end up being in another blog unto itself, entitled ‘obsessing the tower’ or something like that.  Jaw-droppingly massive, beautiful, iconic – I’ve visited the tower twice now but have yet to get to the top and don’t really see the need to.  Maybe next time.

Featured 17 Jul on HDR Spotting.

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